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I was new in business and had beautiful and exquisite gifts to offer—but practically NO CUSTOMERS.  I regrettably spent close to $1,000 for a small 2- line advertisement in our local penny saver newspaper.   I don’t think it made a difference.  Next, I met Andrew Howe.

Mr. and Mrs. Howe of TCO showed me a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BRIGHT COLORFUL EXPENSIVE LOOKING – Very Impressive new signage using LED technology. I had never seen anything like it before. I liked it a lot. I knew that there was no way I could afford ANYTHING because of spending the nearly $1,000—and having so FEW CUSTOMERS. However, they showed me how to qualify for financing and I was able to get the new SIGN from TCO immediately.

I COULD HARDLY BELIEVE THE RESULTS!!! The first day I had my new sign in my window, I doubled in total Sales my best day ever…; THE SECOND DAY, I doubled that previous day in SALES!!! The THIRD DAY MY SALES DOUBLED AGAIN. THE FOURTH DAY, I had to close my shop so I could make arrangements to  buy all new merchandise to replenish my inventory. I had sold out of almost EVERTHING in 3 days. That SIGN was so EFFECTIVE and it has made me so very happy. TO GET THE SIGN WAS A VERY GOOD BUSINESS DECISION. I will never regret it.


Owner, Gift Shop

“Proved to me that the NEW SIGN FACES REALLY MADE A DIFFERENCE.  I am so glad I met Andrew and am proud of my new sign!”

I had a nice sign with a picture that had worn away by the weather and looked terrible. I have been in business for 14 years but business wasn’t so good right now. People always said how good my catfish was and I make very good food including hamburgers and hotdogs and anything they want. Customers were just dwindling. Anyway, I could not afford to buy another sign and I told Mr. Howe this when we first met. He talked with me anyway, and he designed a sign on his laptop and it looked good when he showed it to me. He put a huge large hamburger and said we must make the picture as big as you can and the customers will come. I asked him if he could put a cup of red kool-aid because that is what everyone here loves. I liked it but had to say NO… maybe next year or later I could do something.

Andrew promised me that he would find a solution that would help me now and could fit it into my budget. One way that he could save me money –since I already have a sign that works, he said he could make me new faces to go in my OLD SIGN. Still, there was no way I could afford even that. Andrew continued to listen to my situation and how desperate things were and he said he has experience in helping people in this situation if I just give him time to explain. He said he had many years of experience and he was funny and spent time with me. I liked him, but did not change the fact that I had no money to spend.

Andrew was patient and got me qualified for payments that I decided that I could handle. It wasn’t a lot and I know you have to spend some money to make some money. So, I ordered the sign and just hoped I had not made a mistake. Within two days after putting my new sign faces in with the huge Hamburger, I actually ran out of hamburger because everyone came in and said, “Make me a hamburger like I see on that sign out there!” That proved to me that the NEW SIGN FACES REALLY MADE A DIFFERENCE. I am so glad I met Andrew and am proud of my new sign. Entrepenuer

Owner, Restaurant

“We are proud because it is one of the best signs in town!”

Our family was building a strip mall with 4 shops. We were going to open a franchise Ice Cream shop and lease the other 3 shops out. Andrew met with us when we were breaking ground to build and he looked at our blueprints and said he would like to recommend and design an effective primary sign for the Plaza. We agreed to have him give us a recommendation since we were not sure what we were going to do.

Later, Andrew told us that the city Sign Ordinance would only allow 40 square feet for the entire plaza. He designed a wonderful sign where we could have our name and a place for each of the tenants and the sign would have a programmable led portion that each of the businesses could advertise on. That part is gorgeous and easy to use. Since he offered to finance the whole thing—we had no reason to not order it right away.

When we got the sign, we saw that it was very excellent quality and we are proud because it is one of the best signs in town and we can change the led marquee to say many messages.  We love this sign and Andrew was very pleasant and knows what he is talking about. If you need a good sign, talk to Andrew. He will help you. Family

Owner, Strip Mall

“I highly recommend Mr. and Mrs. Howe, if you want someone to help you get a really great sign. They really know the sign business!”

I really had no idea what kind or size sign to get, I just knew I wanted something very up to date and impressive for my restaurant.  I Liked the scrolling bright LED. advertising signs and needed some guidance on what to go with.   Mrs. Howe listened to my goals and made a sign recommendation to include a main sign with the name of our restaurant and a fancy programmable sign to mount on the pole underneath. I explained to her that our restaurant was somewhat of a landmark in the area and had a big windmill as part of the landscape that had been there for decades and I wondered if we could get a sign that would somehow keep the history yet highlight our incredible food. She designed a totally amazing and beautiful sign that both my wife and I just absolutely loved. You have to see it to believe it.

I went ahead and ordered the sign that was more than 10k but knew it was the right decision. Oh, and Mrs. Howe consulted with me, designed the sign, sold me the sign, and wrote up a purchase agreement all over the phone and thru email. We never met face to face, yet I felt very comfortable working with her. I could not wait for my sign to arrive and I showed the rendering of my new sign to all of my family and customers and we were all excited. But the signs never arrived. I contacted Mrs. Howe and she immediately got in touch with the manufacturer and the shipper and located my signs. There was some sort of mix-up and she stayed on top of it and as a result of the confusion even got me a larger l.e.d. sign for no additional charge.

It got installed and everything was great.  It was a fabulous sign and we were very pleased but then, very soon, I could not communicate with the sign like I was supposed to and I called Mrs. Howe. She was cordial and helpful and sent her husband over to visit us and that’s when I met Mr. Howe. He looked at the sign and asked a few questions to trouble shoot the problem and told me what to do which I immediately did and that fixed everything. I highly recommend Mr. and Mrs. Howe, if you want someone to help you get a really great sign. They really know the sign business—and it is when things don’t go right as you expected, yet they can make it right and you end up with a great asset for your business– is when you know you went with the right people.


Satisfied Client. I will recommend TCO without hesitation!

Owner, Small-town Restaurant

“It is a quality sign and does make an incredible difference for our business… Immediate Results!”

I first met Andrew of TCO when he showed his sign to an associate of mine. I told him that my boss at Central Trailer Supply has been looking for a. L.E.D. sign like that and he should go talk to Joe. Andrew was able to answer all of our concerns and the owner and the GM liked the Sign Andrew showed them and was happy he could arrange financing so they ordered the sign.

Well, as it turns out I became the one to learn how to send messages to the sign once we got it installed. Andrew came by and did a software tutorial with me and the company gave excellent documentation on the software. It turned out to be quite simple. I was able to learn quickly how to take pictures and ads from our website and put it right on the sign. It is a quality sign and does make an incredible difference for our business. After we set up the system the very first message we put on there was, “We Sell RV Parts” and I would say that probably within 15 or 20 minutes from turning that sign on with that message, I went out to the sales floor and the first customer said he has been driving by our location every day for 15 years and didn’t know that we sell RV Parts. And, there he was buying some RV parts. I would say that was immediate results.


Employee, Central Trailer Supply

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